nicole williams_coach spotlight

Please meet Superstar Coach Nicole! She has stepped in to support coaches and girls in Central Florida time and again.  Being our most seasoned and committed coach, I asked Nicole, “Why are you here?  Why are your really, really?”  Her response, brings joy to my heart and excites positive energy – she truly lives a life to empower girls and those around her.

Nicole explained, “I found out about GOTR through our school nurse 10 years ago. She knew I was running 5K’s at the time and thought I would really enjoy this new program for young girls. She was absolutely right! GOTR truly empowers them to see their very best self. To dig deep and find their inner light and let is shine for the whole world to see. But more importantly for them to believe that they are deserving of that light and it is inside of them even when they don’t feel it. I’ve coached GOTR at three different schools, but nothing is different about the girls who sign up. They are all individuals who are unique and excited and seeking their own goals. I love watching them grow throughout the season. They not only get faster at running, they become more confident in themselves, they open up, they encourage others and they use the strategies we teach to make good choices. I’ve had parents tell me that they’ve seen their daughter order vegetables instead of french fries at restaurants, that they want to go for a run together on the weekend, that they now play on the high school lacrosse team, they are making better grades and even getting along better with their siblings! I’ve always described GOTR to others as an after school program that provides girls with ways to make good choices in all areas of their lives. We run because crossing that 5K finish line brings a sense of accomplishment they’ve never had before. It proves that they can achieve their goals with a little planning, dedication and support.

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