This month, we would like to honor Katelyn Newcomb who coaches the Girls on the Run program at Eagle Creek Elementary. Katelyn has volunteered with us for many years and has spread her passion of living a life full of limitless potential at two different schools.  We are so grateful for her time, energy and love for her students. When asked why she makes GOTR apart of her life, Katelyn shared the following.

” I coach Girls on the Run because I wish there was a program like this when I was in Elementary school. Girls on the Run teaches girls how to handle difficult situations like bullying and peer pressure with ease. I love hearing how the girls have incorporated the lessons from GOTR  into their daily life and how impacting the outcomes have been for them. I’ve always enjoyed running as well, having participated in track throughout middle and high school. I remember several times in which peers of mine made comments like “don’t you get bored just running in circles”, but I’ve always thought of running as a good time to reflect and enjoy the “think time” to myself.”

Whether you’re a parent, teacher or coach, it’s easy to relate to Katelyn’s experience as a coach and her passion for the program. Girls on the Run goes beyond instilling life lessons in the girls it serves. It teaches us all the importance of friendships, self-awareness, and simply believing in yourself. We are honored to have her as a coach and member of the Girls on the Run Orlando family.

Coaches are our organization’s greatest gift and play an important role in bringing the lessons taught through Girls on the Run lessons to life.

We welcome you to join us!


Coaching is one of our most rewarding volunteer positions, but also the most time intensive. We ask that each site have at least one head coach who can commit to two days per week and at least two assistant coaches who can commit to at least one day (preferably two days) per week for the 10-week season. In addition to being role models for confidence and healthy living, coaches must be available during the after-school and/or early evening hours.

Coaches need to attend our certification training to learn how to deliver the Girls on the Run curriculum. When you sign up to be a GOTR coach you’re signing up to change lives. Our coaches come from a range of backgrounds, professions, and levels of experience. One thing they all have in common is a passion for helping girls grow. At GOTR, we’re committed to equipping our coaches with the skills and knowledge they’ll need to lead their girls through a transformative season. During coach training, which consists of one hour of online learning and four and a half hours of in-person time, you’ll learn about building GOTR style relationships, creating an environment girls can thrive in, and developing a climate in which all girls are celebrated for their personal growth. You’ll also get the chance to practice leading a GOTR lesson, meet other coaches, share your expertise, and have some fun. We look forward to seeing you there!

Coaches work directly with the 3rd-5th or 6th-8th grade girls, teaching them healthy habits and training them for the culminating event, our end of program 5K event!

You DO NOT need to be a runner to coach, but we do ask that you value physical fitness in your own life.

Coaching requires a commitment of approximately five to six hours per week for 10 weeks which includes travel and lesson preparation time. Coaches meet with their group twice a week for approximately one and a half hours. Each program has two to four coaches per team and coaches share the coaching responsibilities. Coaches must also attend the season-end GOTR 5K with their girls.

This coaching commitment must not be taken lightly. Consistency is extremely important to our girls, therefore you must be able to attend practices for the entire 10-week season.


  • Please carefully review the head coach and assistant coach volunteer descriptions for more information.
  • After review the information, if you are interested in coaching please complete the Returning Coach Application or New Coach Application.
  • Please direct any questions or concerns to our program coordinator, Kendra Rahne at

GOTR Head Coach Description

GOTR Assistant Coach Description