FAQ about Starting a Site

Frequently Asked Questions about Starting a Site:

Knowing that I have to provide a Site Liaison and a Head Coach, do both of these roles have be filled by a teacher or administrator?

No, but should a teacher and/or administrator want to take on either of these roles we are more than happy to have them.  These roles could be filled by the same person.  It could be a parent who strongly believes in GOTR.   The Site Liaison or Head Coach must be comfortable with parents calling and/or emailing them and asking questions about the program logistics.

Why is the group size capped at 15?  What if we have fewer or more?

We prefer a minimum of 8 girls and limit each group to a maximum of 15 girls.  The group size is based upon curriculum considerations.  Because much of the lesson plan is related to team building and group dynamics, fewer than 8 girls may make it difficult to provide the experience we seek to offer to the girls and more than 15 takes away from the curriculum.  Girls on the Run is More than a running program.

When does the program start and end?

We have two sessions of GOTR  each year, one held in the Fall and on in the Spring.  Fall programs usually start during the month of September and end in December.

What is included in the price of the program?

Cost of the program:  $165

  • Included for the girls in the program fee are:
    • Twenty 90-minute lessons conducted by certified GOTR coaches
    • A GOTR program t-shirt during the season
    • A GOTR program water bottle
    • Healthy snack at each session
    • The registration fee for the culminating 5K event
    • 5K finisher medal, event t-shirt and end-of-season celebration
    • Samples from national sponsors
    • Digital Grown-Up Guide for parents to continue discussion of lesson topics at home
    • A lifetime of confidence and the power to walk tall J

    Program fees cover expenses such as:

    • GOTR coaches’ training
    • GOTR coaches’ CPR/first aid training
    • Fees for background checks for all volunteers
    • GOTR/Heart & Sole curriculum and all lesson handouts and materials
    • Fees for liability insurance
    • Facility use fees through the school districts
    • Membership fees to Girls on the Run International
    • Administrative assistance to coaches, sites, girls and parents
    • 5K operational expenses

What if a girl is unable to pay the program fee?

Our current fee per session is $165 per girl.  In the event that a girl is unable to afford the cost for the program, we will do everything we can to offer scholarships to those in need.  Our ability to do so is limited by our capacity to raise funds.  Please have the family complete the GOTR registration and answer the financial assistance questions accordingly. We can also provide supportive footwear and appropriate clothes when needed.

Can we choose a different 5K Run for our end of season race?

One of the values that Girls on the Run promotes is a sense of community.  A big part of participating in GOTR is the sense of community that comes from attending a race with all the sister sites – imagine the impact on a young girl when she realizes that there are Girls on the Run everywhere!  In addition, on race day, adult women volunteers serve as race guides for the girls.  These volunteers support the girls, guiding them throughout the race and cheering the girls on.  We are unable to provide this important part of the race experience if a site doesn’t attend the selected race.