For Fall 2010, GOTR-Orlando is launching Team Adelaide. Team Adelaide is a group of trained volunteers who will conduct 2-3 site visits during the season. During each visit, the Team Adelaide volunteers will complete a short, informal site evaluation checklist. The site visits will help GOTR-Orlando ensure uniformity of program delivery and quality and allow us to offer feedback to coaches and teams (something coaches have been asking for).

Team Adelaide is a great volunteer opportunity for those who cannot commit enough time to coach but who want to learn more about GOTR-Orlando. Additionally, Team Adelaide members who complete the training and site visits will receive a free  race registration for our end of season 5K!

Team Adelaide volunteers have the following responsibilities:

  • Attend Team Adelaide training (to learn about GOTR-Orlando, our curriculum, and the evaluation checklist)
  • Visit 2-3 sites during the season (see our locations for session days/times, which generally are at the end of the school day)
  • Complete and return evaluation checklists for each visit